Scholarship Program

Scholarship application will be accepted again July 1, 2018:


Any individual who will be attending a training facility for the purpose of advancing her/his career in the areas of safety, driving, technical, or leadership is eligible to apply for a scholarship. Applicants must complete the scholarship application and submit a 200-400 word essay outlining career objectives and how this training will help meet those goals. Applications without an essay will not be considered.

Duration and Amount:
An approved scholarship from the Women In Trucking Foundation will be awarded as a one time payment at the conclusion of the training and may vary from $1,000 to $2,000 per recipient.

Method of Awarding:

The trustees will mail the scholarship check directly to the training facility to be held until the applicant has completed the training. Scholarship monies are to be used for tuition or expenses related to educational purpose only.

Qualifications to be Considered:

The recipient of the scholarship must show financial need  and must demonstrate a desire to further her/his career in a trucking industry related career. The scholarship will be awarded without regard to sex, race, color, national origin, or religion.

What Voids the Scholarship:

The scholarship will be voided on the basis of expulsion or dismissal from school or discontinuance of the education process. Also, the trustees reserve the right to withdraw the scholarship for unusual or uncustomary circumstances at their discretion.

Women In Trucking Scholarship Application

The information obtained from the application will not be shared beyond the Women In Trucking Foundation Board of Directors Scholarship Review Committee or the Women In Trucking Association staff without prior written approval from the applicant.