Our Mission: To strengthen the legacy of education in trucking. 

Our Vision:  To be recognized as the premier national association positively representing women in the trucking industry. 

Founded in 2011, we serve our community and continue to grow with the help of our donors and volunteers who make our mission possible.

The Foundation raises funds from individuals, foundations, and corporations, to make scholarships available in the trucking industry, in the fields of Safety, Driving, Technical and Leadership.  We exist to help turns jobs into careers through education and training. 

The Foundation is supported by the Women In Trucking Association, and led by a Board of Directors. It is a 501(c)(3) organization and all contributions are tax deductible. Our Tax ID is FEIN: 27-4170268. 

We are proud to partner with organizations that believe in this cause and contribute to make more scholarships available. To learn how to get involved, click here

Ellen Voie, founder and CEO of the  Women In Trucking Association , shows off the WIT truck.

Ellen Voie, founder and CEO of the Women In Trucking Association, shows off the WIT truck.

What our applicants are saying: 

"My brother drives a logging truck and makes a lot of money so why can't I?  I have three daughters who I need to show that any girl can do anything that anyone else can. Everyone can make a career in trucking."  

"For the past ten years, I have been in the logistics industry, working with all types of freight carriers.  In my current position working at a manufacturing company, I am responsible for not only managing our inbound shipments of raw materials but also our outbound shipments of finished goods.  I feel that this program will give me a better understanding of the entire logistical process from start to finish."

"To rise up, one must have a plan and do what it takes to make their dream into a reality.  I am beyond excited to begin my new adventure of getting my CDL. I've always loved trucks my whole life, they are a huge part of our world. I know how few women are in this field and I'd like to change that."