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The Women In Trucking Foundation accepts applications for scholarship awards twice in the calendar year, January/February and September/October.

Schools or training facilities wishing to distribute information to students can contact us for materials to promote the scholarships. 

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Any individual identifying as female who will be attending a training facility for the purpose of advancing their career in the areas of safety, driving, technical, or leadership in the trucking industry is eligible to apply for a scholarship. Applicants must complete the scholarship application, including a short essay outlining career objectives and how this training will help meet those goals.


Duration and Amount:
An approved scholarship from the Women In Trucking Foundation will be awarded as a one time payment at the conclusion of the training for $1,000 per recipient.

We are also happy to share that all recipients receive a free one-year membership to the Women In Trucking Association

Method of Awarding:
The Foundation will mail the scholarship check directly to the school or training facility to be held until the applicant has completed the training. Scholarship funds are to be used for tuition or expenses related to educational purpose only. Checks will not be sent directly to recipients. 

Qualifications to be Considered:
The recipients of scholarships must have financial need  and demonstrate a desire to further their careers in the trucking industry. The scholarship will be awarded without regard to race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or religion. Recipients must provide their student ID number and a contact at their school's Financial Aid office to receive the award. 

What Voids the Scholarship:
The scholarship will be voided on the basis of expulsion or dismissal from school or discontinuance of the education process. Also, the Foundation reserves the right to withdraw the scholarship for unusual or uncustomary circumstances at their discretion.

Types of Scholarships


Women in trucking foundation scholarship 

The WIT Foundation generally awards 10-12 scholarships twice a year, with a value of $1,000 each. These are based on the criteria as described above. A selection committee of industry experts evaluates these applications and makes a determination. The number of scholarships awarded may vary each cycle due to number of applicants and funds available. All previous applicants are welcome to apply again, whether they received funding or not.  

Each cycle, additional scholarships are also selected by the Ryder Charitable Foundation, whose partnership we deeply appreciate. 


roger voie Memorial scholarships 

“My dad was a  big  supporter of Women In Trucking and he would have been so honored to know  that more women can receive training due to the generosity of the folks who donated to the Roger Voie memorial scholarship." - Ellen Voie, CEO and Founder of the Women In Trucking Association